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Free MMORPG World of Rune for More Adventure In the Fantasy Adventure World Adventure game Realm of Rune is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that lets players fight foes and defend their fantasy world with all of their might. To defend their cherished home and keep invaders at bay, become one of the legendary warriors. In this game, players have complete control over becoming the myth they want to live up to and have all the power necessary to defend their world from the bad guys. With a fresh and amazing experience that stands out from the competition and offers players amazing experiences, World of Rune is setting the standard for idle games. This role-playing game has fantasy, adventure, conflict, and protection as its themes. Want to train to be a warrior that your people can always count on to keep them safe? Are you looking for a game that lets you choose from a wide variety of playable class possibilities and gives you the freedom to make them into the "fighter of your dreams"? World of Rune is the ideal game for you in that situation.